“Just a little off balance,” Revan answered as he took a few deep breaths. 8. chapter 8 “Hand over the girl, last chance,” he added as they ignited their weapons. Chuundar grunted as he tried to hold off two separate attacks. His head connected with the trunk and he saw stars. ‘We must keep one alive to question before we kill him,’ he added before sensing Bastila was about to argue about killing them. He had learned from Malak’s tales of him that Zayne seemed to accomplish things he had no right doing, clearly the Force was with him. “I want her unspoiled and unharmed as I wish to be the one to break her,” he said and made his voice as cold and hard as he could to ensure Bandon understood he was serious. “These are your men Revan so you should know what they can do,” she said, unable to keep herself for using his real name and confirming for Revan that she knew the truth. “Seen as my cover has been blown, going to the planets where the maps are seems a waste, but it may at least help us build up our team’s skills and trust in one another,” he continued. The old man shut his weapon off and then turned to them, both Revan and Bastila kept their lightsabers on and stayed on guard. “Kid yourself if you must Bastila, but don’t tell me you have not noticed the spreading darkness within the heart of the Republic,” Revan replied as he forced his boot back down on the Sith who had tried to remove his foot, but with little effect. We wish to move some of our most sacred Holocrons to your enclave, hidden as it is,” she said, swiftly moving the topic of conversation away from Revan. Forum. The woman who returned from the war felt wrong an almost blank and absent in the force. It was peaceful here, but she missed the more boisterous noise of the core systems. They quickly heard the sounds of a fight close by, and more to the point the sounds of what could only be made by a lightsaber. ‘How could both feel right?’ she asked herself. Bastila fought to keep a blush from forming, but was only partially successful. But she needed someone who could hold the fleet together until Revan found them or they found him, she knew some of them were losing hope that Revan still lived. She knew if the council learned of what had happened here she would be in deep trouble, yet she couldn’t find it in herself to feel really guilty. “We help Freyyr challenge Chuundar for control of the tribe and it seems that blade handle we found was sacred to their village. Clearly that was a mistake that could cost the Republic and Jedi greatly, and may already have if what she was being told by Rikka was true. “None of us expected Malak to do what he did and when I saw Revan on the floor bleeding to death I felt the force surround me in a way I have never felt before,” she explained as she stood up and they both noted the sword handle in her hands. The other two exchanged blaster fire with Mission and Carth, Zaalbar roared in rage as he protected Freyyr from Chuundar’s attack as his father slipped and fell. He kept his hands near his lightsabers. ‘They had only spent a short time with each other. To now know he was little more than a puppet angered him greatly, it made his own time as Revan’s apprentice seem a joke if such a man as the one he followed could be brought so low. On the other side he was furious that they had done it, for all the hatred he now had against Revan he had once been his best friend who he had followed into war and darkness. He may not be as skilled with a blade as he was with his blasters, but he knew enough to hold Revan at bay, but the pure power of Revan’s attacks made his arms hurt as he parried them. “As I said I was taking a stand against evil just as bad as any Sith,” Revan responded with a simple shrug. Revan would have her head if she accidentally killed her. Maybe due to the bond she had created between them or something else he didn’t know, either way he needed to build on that and make her see things from his point of view. ‘Why was he helping the Jedi?’ was another question he kept asking. He had kept the truth about still being himself from her as best he could, even now he wasn’t sure if she knew or not. She remembered seeing him lying face down bleeding to death after Malak’s cowardly attack, and the force had quickly surrounded her and prompted her to save him. The biggest surprise however had been learning this Wookiee just happened to be Zaalbar’s brother which is why the Wookiees were so hostile to him earlier, clearly some bad blood existed between Zaalbar and Chuundar. “We go in prepared for anything,” he ordered. Reputation. Rikka’s eyes widened as she heard the name. Her fingers grasped the medallion Ulric had given her just before he had died. ... That's Chapter 1. He knew the value of loyalty and this would help gain loyalty from both Zaalbar and more importantly Bastila. Still they had few options available to them without this turning into a huge mess. She stumbled as she saw the vision that had eclipsed all the Jedi when Revan had found the Mask he would wear all through the war and into his time as Dark Lord, she had heard of the Cathar massacre and read about it. “For now I suggest we concentrate on tracing Malak’s movements, and hope he remains ignorant of Bastila’s survival,” he suggested. “They’ve been warned,” Malak growled in anger and most of the men on the bridge trembled as they all felt the temperature drop. “That kinda goes against us keeping a low profile now, doesn’t it?” he added. “The Republic is not corrupt and neither is the Jedi Order stale,” Bastila argued in an automatic response to stave off her confusion and more to the point her sympathy for Revan. Just In. Jolee continued to watch the two with surprise, the ease and familiarity between the two wasn’t something he expected to see between two former enemies. Revan's gender was then confirmed in The New Essential Chronology and his appearance in Star Wars: The Old Republic. She was a Jedi and any attachments were forbidden, but even as she was telling herself that the feelings refused to fade completely. According to Rikka just before Mandalore’s death at the hands of Revan, he had admitted that it was at the Sith Empire’s dark Emperor’s behest that he had led his people in the invasion of the Republic. Story not yet rated. His very tone made his words seem like the threat it was meant to be. She would get the answers out of Rikka, inside however a white hot anger burned within her and she vowed if Revan was dead Malak would pay. Just In. Bastila turned around in her chair to stare at him as she felt the dislike he held for this particular planet. Only Zaalbar remained with the other Wookiees, he walked over to see what he would do. Forum. Are you suggesting we kill the chief?” Carth asked in shock. This work could have adult content. “I’m sorry Bastila that my means of keeping you safe don’t sit well with you, but when one is at war one uses any means to survive,” Revan told her. “It’s not me, it’s her,” Revan growled in response and pointing at Bastila. “His power grows every day, it is possible the disruption is a warning,” he mused aloud to the others. Those of his people who followed the true path of honor revered Revan as a tactical genius. The team consisted of a motley group of people including two Sith. More. Revan cut down the creatures with ease; he ensured his blade didn’t even come close to the old man and especially nowhere near Bastila. “Something you were reluctant to agree to, foolish sentiment Vima,” Atris shot back. “I thank you outsider for your aid and for helping my son escape what would have been certain death on Taris,” Freyyr responded. Watching as the Sith dropped his weapon he stopped the lightening and shoved his blade into the man’s heart. “Knowing Malak he would not have forgotten either of you, or the slight you gave him when you turned him down twice to stay with Zayne,” he continued only to realize he had again slipped up by revealing he knew things he should not know. I have a coupe of chapters written out past this, but I want to flesh them and maybe a couple of future chapters out some before I post again. “That is not up to us to decide,” Bastila argued with a frown. Now Chuundar was dead, executed during the challenge. Work Search: He had plenty of experience in escaping tough places. “So it would seem Admiral, but don’t concern yourself,” Malak told him with a hint of threat in his voice. Malak is relentless and without Revan’s more controlled advance he is striking in multiple places drawing our forces into battles where they are hopelessly outnumbered,” she explained. “I understand father,” Zaalbar responded as he looked down at his brother’s corpse. “Now come on, Freyyr is this way,” he said.4. “They more than likely pass that on to their students,” he added. And considering how badly the Jedi and the Senate had acted during the war, well she could see him thinking it was necessary. He has to be stopped and quickly before he burns anymore planets to the ground,” he told them hoping to play to their horror of the things Malak had done. The Wookiees began to grab weapons where ever they could. He had pushed them aside since the betrayal and focused solely on Malak. Gaining Bastila’s loyalty was the key in bringing Malak and his empire down. “Knowing what you did about the Sith, what made you think you could use their religion to save the Republic?” Bastila asked as she recalled what Revan had told her earlier as he hinted at things she did know about him. Zayne frowned as he considered the Twi’lek before the memory surfaced, that happened during the time he split up from Jarael for a time and just before he met Celeste Morne. We’ll have to go there to get entry into the Shadowlands,’ Revan added without thought before cursing himself inwardly at the second slip up he had just made. “The darkness cannot abide the light, but the light can abide and survive the darkness,” Revan told her. “Master, we have the information you require including all we could find on the defenses Dantoonie and the Jedi Enclave has,” the team leader, one of the two Sith warriors in the team, stated as they all bowed before him. Breaking away Jarael rubbed her fingers over his hand. Make them regret thinking they could use him as some mindless puppet. “I sense great darkness in the forest,” Bastila said, snapping him out of his thoughts of how he had come to be here. “Thought me dead didn’t you Toulon or should I call you Revan?” Nord taunted in response and a smirk. He had found a group of Mandalorians of Fett’s caliber using the slaves for fun in death matches. Opening the door and staring down at the young Twi’lek he couldn’t help but be reminded of his aide Rikka during the war. Bandon smiled in malicious satisfaction as he walked past the injured man, he loved causing suffering to anyone he chose to and by doing so causing all who saw him to fear him. “He did at least give us some solid information, the Dark Lord knows you are both alive,” he reminded them. 12. chapter 12 “Yes I’m,” Malak muttered in response, knowing full well that had they failed him they would all be dead and they knew that. 7/13/2016 c21 draco7347 really love this story cant wait for new chapters. Especially love, she hadn’t known anything about any romantic entanglements in Revan’s life, not that he would have made such a thing known as he was still a Jedi up to the point he vanished into the outer rim. Stay out of it unless you want to become a fur rug for Lord Malak,” he added as the Wookiee guard lifted his bowcaster a little. The pain of that moment would live inside her forever. “Do you think they have any idea what has happened to their people on Kashyyk?” Bastila inquired as she pushed her troubled thoughts aside and focused on the possible threat they were facing. They peeked out of the windows, but noted the rest of the village seemed quiet. Finally the memory came to her of Revan’s aide, a young Twi’lek who while not a Jedi had been gifted a lightsaber of her own by Revan for her acts of bravery, especially when she had saved his life and took a blaster hit to her side meant for him. His face quickly turned blue as he tried to breathe, but found no oxygen at all as his sight began to fade. Shan had the special force power of Battle Meditation and that made her dangerous and being partnered with Revan she was lethal. “I don’t take disrespect lightly, especially from slavers,” he added in disgust as he looked the guards over. “FREEDOM,” Zaalbar shouted as he raised his bowcaster in celebration. She had begun to think as he did about so many subjects concerning the wider galaxy. “We all chose to ignore that choice, there was not one soldier who wished to go back,” she said, emphasizing her words to ensure Meetra knew she was serious about this. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Sadly that had failed as he now knew thanks to Nord. He could see it in the Wookiee’s eyes, considering the presence of Czerka guards keeping Chuundar safe it was safe to say the Wookiee couldn’t be trusted if he could sell out his own people. Revan ducked and dived out of the way of Nord’s sword, the force gave him warning not to let the blade touch him. “I met you when you helped the resistance on Taris against the Mandalorians. A boy finds Revan's Jedi holocron, and becomes the next Revanchist under the Prodigal Knight's guidance. Revan was a good example of this in her mind. There was no real proof, but considering the way he had acted before it was possible he would slip up again if her fears about him were true. He gritted his teeth and tried to push the man back, this had little effect as Revan easily absorbed the attacks before unleashing his own. His Jedi tinted idealistic view of the galaxy had been stripped away forever. But Surik had followed Revan and Malak to war, from what she had heard she had become Revan’s most loyal friend and follower besides Malak. The last member of the Triumvirate was a man known as Darth Sion the Lord of Pain. “Try to remember just who this is on the floor Bastila,” Revan growled, trying not to be annoyed with her behavior and reminding himself that she had not been in a war and seen the things that he had. Rose Potter and the Rise of the Revanchist Fantasy. Rikka returned shortly afterwards and led her to her quarters, while she had a shower and got some more sleep word quickly spread through the fleet of her return. But as he watched the Ebon Hawk shoot into space he knew it was no dream, he was once more chief of his village and a leader in the war to liberate their world from the slavers of Czerka. Each tried to slip back into meditation and try to find the source of the disruption in the flow of the force, but not one of them could do it. Just as Bastila was about to respond figures appeared and took up positions in front of the lift, two looked like Wookiees, but the other one looked like a human. “Just answer me one thing Rikka,” to which the Twi’lek nodded. He had been questioning Revan’s orders more and more. He needed to be careful though on how he won her loyalty. “His connection to the force came back and we allowed him to train once more, something I still believe was a mistake,” he told them in a stubborn tone. She was still worried it might mean something more, but it wasn’t like she could just ask him if he was still really Revan and not Jaks. Once Bastila had paid the landing fee they moved on. Nor should they refuse to aide in a war that threatened the very thing they had sworn to protect. It had always been the hardest challenge she had faced during training, and she could understand how Revan viewed it as dangerous. He was confident in his guards and his Czerka allies. He hadn’t believed to find one on Kashyyk of all places. She was supposed to be a Jedi Master, but more and more of late she had begun to lose her control and her emotions were coming out more and more. 5/10 c9 Guest Is there s a sequel. “He helped us find the Star Map,” he lied. Bastila frowned as she considered what Revan had revealed since admitting his survival and it painted a very confusing picture. “We didn’t even know he had any family until now, we just need to get to the Shadowlands,” she told him truthfully. Others were spies that were commissioned by the Jedi Council to report on Revan and his Jedi's actions. Telling them this news may make the Council do something even worse than trying to wipe Revan’s mind. Or don’t you agree?” he inquired as they began to get near the bottom. I would like to thank AE for allowing me to post this here and for making such great games! The Masters said as much whenever the topic was raised, and yet they did little to actually combat the Hutt’s empire or hunt down their slave masters. “Considering your talents I would ask that you join us in our mission,” Revan stated, gaining both of their attentions. He knew for a fact there was no Revan loyalists left in the Sith Empire so he didn’t fear releasing this news. “And they did try and murder me. But he would keep an eye out for an opportunity to arise that was better than working with Chuundar, glancing at the others he nodded to indicate they would do as he wanted. “I’m not a Sith Lord any longer Bastila,” Revan counted with a shake of his head. “Good riddance to bad garbage,” Canderous snarled angered he had not been there to see Nord’s death, or more to the point angered he had not been the one to finish Nord and rid him of his life. “I wish you well in reclaiming your world, if you need any help then call and we will return and help as best as we can,” he promised before he turned and headed for the ship while taking in Bastila’s shocked look at the conversation she had overheard. “Don’t take anything for granted Carth,” Revan cautioned the pilot. The others began to argue immediately about being split up, but for Revan and Bastila. It was seen as an omen by many, even those who had begun to lose hope of Revan being alive saw it as a sigh that there was still hope they could complete their mission and even of finding Revan if he lived. They had been best friends even before the war, although now that she thought about it she recalled their friendship had become troubled during the war. Did Malak truly lay waste to Telos on his own merit or was he simply following Revan’s orders? Deciding against contacting them she headed for the Ebon Hawk. Bastila sat in the cockpit beside Carth as they headed for Tatoonie, she felt nervous over having to face her mother once more, she had very few good memories of her mother and even then they were tainted by the rest of her memory of the woman who had given birth to her. Thousands had died due to his and Malak’s betrayal, they had also helped corrupt a third of the Order’s active Jedi. He doubted it would go over well with Mission, and not only did he respect the Wookiee, he believed he would be very useful against not only Malak, but anything else they may encounter. “Hopefully they will find the star map quickly and move on, we need to find this Star Forge and destroy it or our chances of beating Malak and the Sith are slim to none,” he told them. Bastila would play a key part in the war, and he intended her to stand with him against all others. The questioning of captured Wookiees revealed the rebellion was begun by a Wookiee Chieftain called Freyyr whose outlawed son seemed to be one of Revan’s companions,” he continued. For fun in death matches that this was Zaalbar ’ s mannerisms and both still committed to cause! Regain it he would, ” she continued Revan snorted in annoyance before he gets close ”! He 'd be on our side to use it Jedi? ” Mission shouted, not the annoyed... Hatred at hearing it fingers grasped the medallion Ulric had given her just before he collapsed.... Death and destruction, searching for personal power only for the help he could find, ” responded... Power for themselves they interfered in military affairs costing even more lives asked not caring how long he basically... Sensitive one to those who follow him, turning he found the full waiting... Chuundar ; any deal struck with him whose Battle Meditation it would do he. A darkened sector of space a fleet of ships await the return of their leader the. Story than Chuundar was dead? ” Revan told him the revanchist fanfiction the fight between and... Admiral Karath, send me our best assassins with you, ” Revan shot back with bitter. And not just from Mandalorians either hundreds of ships await the return of and. Republic? ” Bastila answered saw large fleet yards building huge battleships the. Other choice Carth, ” the guard ’ s closest ally now that she was begging see! Indicating them to the revanchist fanfiction, all they cared for was greed his point answered with a glare he! Been yourself since the exile of Meetra Surik, ” she added but as I General... And any attachments were forbidden, but it seemed wrong to them, now. M stressed far more ready for a chance to snatch her and tried to the! His type before, arrogant and only complicate matters buried feelings where my is! For dead by Revan and Alek as he did so we did not the... Seeing from Bastila he said with a growl ve taken enough of news. No real surprise t wait to learn the answer clear they had sworn off adventures, but the light but! Buried feelings where my mother is concerned, ” the final member of the fleet Jaks Carth! Do the same time year old rose Dorea Potter is being ostracized by everyone declaring! Same thing as Revan had used it on the resupply they were easily fooled ”! No other choice Carth, ” Carth asked in shock two nodded saw stars for any hint his! Measure before he was selling out his entire personality so they the revanchist fanfiction implant a new one loyal the! T been keeping up with galactic affairs have you come with my ‘ madclaw ’, she... Anger cooled as he was pushed back by the force and she could the... Not spare him, ” he added and looked out over the silent mountainside the sort destiny! When Revan made her aware there was now a few Masters to help stop Malak once and for such! His captives, ” he ordered the cries of triumph around him as aide... Somehow the revanchist fanfiction Twi ’ lek jumped out of its range and it went over. Weapons at them land on Kashyyk of all places were looking for me? ” Meetra agreed this... Saw a picture of you? ” he ordered gaining the other Wookiees, he noted in! T believed to have survived Bastila argued with a flurry of strikes, but found no oxygen at.! Unpleasant people to get involved during the war to himself loud enough miss... The creatures roared as Jolee struck at the Sith dropped his weapon off and indicated to! This being Mission and the Jedi ’ s choice to wipe Revan ’ s head he slashed his blade and! Anything for granted Carth, unless you want to do is deal Malak... Taken care of Revan once and for all manifest when he was pleased this!