Goku uses his Super Saiyan form to push the Super Spirit Bomb back at Kid Buu. Great Ape Vegeta. According to Daizenshuu 7, at the end of the Frieza Saga, Frieza had a power level of 120,000,000 at 100% power, while Super Saiyan Goku had 150,000,000. His power multiplied by ten, and could destroy an entire castle. Super Saiyan 3 is 4x stronger than a Super Saiyan 2 or 400 times the base power of it's user. https://perfect-power-level-list.fandom.com/wiki/Goku?oldid=2073. Tien(Power Decreasing)2,000,000. During his first battle with Baby Vegeta. He is proven to be no match for Goku even after he is blinded by one of his attacks, Goku is still able to defeat him with only half of his power. Note that this fight is in the Anime only. In this form Goku's hair and eyes are completely grey. After Goku re-obtains his tail he believes that his power has skyrocketed and that he is strong enough to defeat Super Baby 2 though Baby thinks his power has not changed at all and while Goku can hold his own, Baby proves undamaged by his assault. Goku did not have anytime to train or recover from his fight with Super 17, therefore his base power remains the same. Dragon ball:DB huntGoku - 15, hungry - 13, post yamcha fight - 16Yamcha - 14Bear bandit - 11Oolong - 4ChiChi - 12Great ape goku - 160Krillin - 13Lunch 52,500,000,000 21x Super Saiayn Four Saiyans Energy Absorbed Edit. Vegeta is able to gain control of the Great Ape, upon gaining control Vegeta turns into a Golden Great Ape then into a Super Saiyan 4. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Goku (suppressed): 5,000 Dragon Ball Chapter 279 — true power: 90,000 Calculated: Dragon Ball Chapter 284; Daizenshuu 7-p.83 — Kaiō-Ken: 180,000 Dragon Ball Chapter 285; Gohan and Kuririn (fighting Freeza’s mooks): 1,500 Dragon Ball Chapter 248 — during the battle with Gurd: Over 10,000 Dragon Ball Chapter 274 On his way to Namek Goku trained for 6 days in 100 times Earth normal gravity pushing his power to new heights. Vegeta had maintained the power boost that he received from Babadi making him equal to Goku. After being defeated by Jiren, Vegeta like Goku also breaks through his own natural limits and unleashes a new transformation known as Super Saiyan Blue Evolution. The Kaio-Ken X20 with Super Saiyan Blue proves to be futile, seeing that Goku resorts to using his trump card the Spirit Bomb. Goku admits that he was holding back at first only using 80% of his real power which would put Goku's battle power at 4.8 Quadrillion. As a Super Saiyan Gohan Struggles to take on Dabura who is said to be around Perfect Cell's level. ... Super Saiyan Goku(Training in Hyperbolic Time Chamber)525,000,000 Super Saiyan Gohan(Training in Hyperbolic Time Chamber)450,000,000. Cell: 900,000,000 Frieza (100%): 120,000,000 King Cold: 125,000,000 Burter: 43,000 Jeice: 44,000 Recoome: 45,000 Guldo: 19,000 Goku: 24,000,000 Goku had to stand up against the opponent who sent somebody that killed his best friend. Goku gives Trunks a quick glimpse of his Super Saiyan 3 power before knocking him out. Vegeta reached Super Saiyan 2 while training during the 7 year gap after the Cell Games. If I have any errors, than please tell me, but this list should be 99.9% accurate. After returning to that past a 3rd time Goku uses his full powered Super Saiyan Blue form to battle Zamasu who ends up fusing with Goku Black. While on planet Yardrat the Yardrat's nurse Goku back to good health. Goku ends up dodging Super Saiyan 2 During the fight with the Ginyu Force Goku is able to one hit Recoome and toy around with Jeice & Burter. After his battle with Recoome Vegeta receives a Third Zenkai boost making more powerful than the Ginyu Force and Goku while using the Kaio-Ken times 2. The highest number ever officially read aloud from a scouter is Captain Ginyu's reading of Goku's power level, which after powering up, is 180,000. My battle power lists starts off with Goku at 50 and a blue collar average male at 5. Vegeta states that 2 Super Saiyan 4's is still no match for Omega Shenron. Goku ultimately ends up defeating Baby with his new found power. Trunks believes that Super Saiyan Vegeta may be close to Android 18's power. Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Holding Back vs Fat Buu). Kefla's most powerful attack and finishing her with a Kamehameha wave to the face. Vegeta states that he is stronger than Gohan when he beat Cell. That attack is a suicidal attack in which Vegeta survives due to his immense Godly Ki. Son Goku: Trajectory of Battle Power Growth Son Goku came to meet various friends and enemies, who he all eventually overtook in battle. As a Super Saiyan 4 Goku is stronger than Super Android 17, until he absorbs the Kamehameha X10. Syn Shenron is quickly outmatched by Goku and his new power even while being blind from Eis's attack. Kid Buu completely dominates Vegeta but he is able to withstand the fierce beating. His power spiked immensely. Upon mastering Super Saiyan God and learning to control his Ki Goku was able to merge his Super Saiyan form with his God Ki which triggers the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan transformation or Super Saiyan Blue. re: Goku is 10 Power Level List Well then average humans would have to be 1. During the Universe 6 Tournament both Goku & Vegeta do not use their Godly Ki. Super Saiyan 3 Goku is easily defeated by Lord Beerus with just the flick of his finger. During his fight with Nuova Shenron, Nouva's brother Eis Shenron interferes. Vegeta recovers his full power once he takes a nap. This is Goku's first attempt at using the Kaio-Ken times 20. Goku is able to push back an attack from Fused Zamasu using a very powerful Kamehameha wave. It was remarked by Baby that Vegeta has the mightiest body in the universe and the perfect one for him to be able to defeat Goku. Goku’s power level beyond the Frieza saga of Dragon Ball Z is pretty much off the charts, and we are including non-canon entries just to make things a little bit harder. 5) At this point, Goku's power is supposed to be 3 Million, yet, for some reason, you put him below Vegeta and 3rd form Freeza and as strong as Rage Gohan. Goku has gotten a lot stronger while training under King Kai in Other World. 1 One punch man - power levels; 2 FAIRY TAIL Power Levels; 3 One Punch Man (Season 3) - Power Levels; Explore Wikis Metal Slug Wiki. Goku trained in Other World during the 7 Year time-skip after the Cell Games. In the Dragon Ball Super Anime Beerus states that it took 10% of his power to beat Vegeta putting him far above Super Saiyan 3 Goku at this point. After leaving Kami's lookout Goku & Gohan stop at Korin's tower he asks Korin if he can measure his power to see how he stacks up against Cell. Super Saiyan Grade II Vegeta (Final Flash). Goku transforms into a Great Golden after absorbing enough blutz waves from the Earth. Trunks-Base 4,000,000-SSj 200,000,000. The battle of the ages, Son Goku vs King Piccolo! Lord Beerus states that it would be impossible for Goku to defeat Frieza in his base form. During the final battle and having his powers restored and then further amplified by additional Blutz Waves (in the Japanese dub he only has his full power restored, not increased), Vegeta utilizes his new, Final Shine Attack against Super 17 which has no affect on him, 17 just absorbs his attack making him stronger. Goku facing off of King Piccolos offspring. Perfect Cell (Full Power): 1,125,000,000 Cell Jrs: 720,000,000 Power-Weighted Perfect Cell: 1,350,000,000 Super Perfect Cell: 2,250,000,000 Majin Buu Arc Edit Great Saiyaman Saga Edit. Vegeta is able surprise Frieza who has a power level of 530,000. Goku beerus hs whis hhhs king Kai 3.500 goku ss1 goku ss2 His power is level gains a huge boost, though it is extremely damaging to his body. His power was outstandingly destructive and great! Once Vegeta Loses his Super Saiyan 4 powers, he transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 in a last ditch effort against Omega Shenron.