Van Nierop has Mexican parents, grew up in Mexico, Germany, France, and Boston, and enjoys extreme sports. She also co-founded the Agricultural Workers Association, the predecessor of the United Farm Workers’ Union, with Cesar Chavez. After her father died at an early age, she was raised by a single mother in the housing projects of the Bronx and through hard work she earned degrees from both Princeton University and Yale Law School. After her parents divorced, her mother moved to Stockton, California, where a teenage Huerta, outraged by the racial and economic injustices she saw in California's agricultural Central Valley, later found her calling as an organizer while serving in the leadership of the Stockton Community Service Organization, according to her foundation. 3. To celebrate, we’re recognizing some of our favorite influencers among the U.S. based Latin American community. Justin Bieber’s famous ex-girlfriend of Mexican heritage is ranked number 3 in the Top Authentic Influencers Ranking by Influencer Marketing Hub. In 1970 she organized a sit-in protest at the Weinstein Hall at New York University after the administration cancelled planned dances on the anniversary of the Stonewall riots. The most notable of those features being "Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)", a song about the role immigrants play in country. And, we celebrate our ability to adapt and change with the times. The sounds of Latin music have permeated U.S. airwaves and influenced American artists. She works with the group that designed and examined the robotic arm and two instruments for the mission, which seeks to demonstrate whether there was life on the red planet. According to this rank, only three influencers in the world get to 0.2B followers (that’s 0.2 billion with a “b”, or 200 million): Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylie Jenner, and Selena Gomez. Rivera, born in … In 1987, she was honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, and several years later, the city of Miami gave Calle Ocho, the main street of its Cuban community, the honorary name of Celia Cruz Way. When she was nine years old, her family decided to move from Venezuela to Canada; she did not speak English, so she could not talk to many people at school, however, she found a kind of universal language in mathematics. During this month and throughout the year, the National Park Service and our partners, share history, heritage, and accomplishments of Hispanic and Latino Americans of past and present. Throughout her life, she has promoted education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through scholarships and programs, which can benefit Hispanics in Dallas, Texas, and children in her native Ecuador. She broke another barrier in 2019 when she became the first Latino honored with a Peabody Award. Co-founder of the United Farm Workers Association, Dolores Huerta has spent most of her life fighting for better working conditions for farmworkers and the rights of the downtrodden. Hispanic Heritage Month begins Sept. 15. Our roots run deep. Estefan and Fajardo married in 1978. Hispanic Heritage. While the band had several dance hits, it was Estafan's ballads that engendered its success. "Conga" reached No. Here are just a few of the trailblazers who have made a difference and those who continues to do so: A native New Yorker, Lin-Manuel Miranda is a composer, songwriter and actor. Moreno won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1962, the first Latina recipient of the honor. These were introduced from Spain in the 16th century, and can be regarded as largely Hispanic in constitution, … For 24 years, she built her empire, Pinnacle Group, one of the largest Latino companies in the country. With her powerful voice and flamboyant stage shows, Cruz helped bring salsa music to a broad audience. Latinas in Tech aims precisely at connecting, supporting, and empowering Latina women working in the technology industry, so she works hand in hand with leading firms to create safe spaces for learning, mentoring, and recruiting. Learn about National Hispanic Heritage Month and its influence. STAR provided shelter and a social space for trans sex workers and other LGBTQ youth. As a Latina trans activist Rivera did not feel like she fit in with the mostly gay, male and white members of the GAA (at the time). Folk dance , music, and literature have remained intact in the 21st century. We invite you to read the interview with her about her previous role at Latinx Beauty Influencer, Patricia Nikole @paintedhair, on Hispanic Heritage Month by Anne Moratto | October 9, 2020 A prominent hair artist on social media, a medium that has brought transformative power to the hairdressing scene in recent years, Patricia Nikole uses her platform to celebrate artistry and to share uplifting education and inspiration. She died from a brain tumor in 2003. The two also won the 2019 Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. Among the most important Hispanic cultural influence is the world of entertainment. Hispanic Sandra L. Rivera, vice president of personnel at Intel Corporation, is responsible for driving better business results through a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion. "During the past few years I have been studying the plague of pesticides on our land and our food," Chavez said. "It's arroz con frijoles (black beans and rice) and hamburgers," said the band's drummer, Enrique Garcia, who co-wrote "Conga.". "The Queen of Salsa" was a dynamic performer in every sense. Each year, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated in the United States, beginning on September 15 and ending on October 15. Speed, demand, and responsibility: How messaging app Line dealt with 2020, Apple has revealed the best apps of 2020. Lin-Manuel Miranda held auditions for his hit musical "Hamilton" in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on Wednesday, June 13. Gloria Estefan has had one of the most enduring careers in the music industry. She won best salsa album for "La Negra Tiene Tumbao" at last year's Latin Grammy Awards, and won the same award at this year's Grammy Awards. After winning an Oscar, Moreno hoped for more variety in acting roles but found she was typecast for "exotic" roles. She currently starts as "Lydia" on the Netflix series "One Day at a Time," and she is set to executive produce and star in Steven Spielberg’s remake of "West Side Story.". Bush. From painters and poets to astronauts, actresses, and Nobel Peace Prize winners, here are some influential Hispanic Americans you should know about. In addition to being an influential Hispanic American, drag queen Sylvia Rivera is also an iconic figure in the gay and transgender rights movement. NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren explains, Immerse yourself in NASA’s VR tour of Kennedy’s Launch Pad 39B, How to watch the upgraded SpaceX Dragon capsule depart space station, SpaceX’s new Cargo Dragon splashdown will deliver science cargo faster than ever, The best shows to binge-watch on Netflix right now, Gaming without a GPU has never been easier — here’s how we did it, There’s no reason to buy a gaming PC anymore thanks to new consoles, Why your next soundbar should have Dolby Atmos, How A.I. Some famous Hispanic singers have gained national and international fame. The sit-in lasted five days before the protesters were forcibly removed by police. Rev. Estefan has won several Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards, she is the recipient of the American Music Award for Lifetime Achievement and the 1993 National Music Foundation's Humanitarian of the Year award, among other accolades. Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Edaena Salinas has been a software engineer at Microsoft since 2014. Over her decades-long career, Moreno also earned Emmy, Tony and Grammy awards, making her just one of only 11 people to receive the coveted EGOT. From music and literature to art and food, Hispanic Americans have enriched every corner of the nation. Hispanic influence is based on Indigenous, and European tradition. All rights reserved. She's also credited with coining the slogan "Sí se puede" — Spanish for "Yes, we can" — the mantra of former President Barak Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. Cruz also received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Smithsonian Institution and in 1994, U.S. President Bill Clinton honored her with an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. the Los Angeles Times reported at the time. Each year, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated in the United States, beginning on September 15 and ending on October 15. She left the group and refocused her attention to working with homeless teenagers, co-founding the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR) with Marsha P. Johnson in the 1970s. He used a non-violent approach to bring attention to the plight of farmworkers. Five Things to Know About Hispanic Heritage Month, Wanted: Bilingual Poll Workers Who Reflect US Diversity, Copyright © 2021 NBCUniversal Media, LLC. Cruz recorded more than 70 albums over six decades and had more than a dozen Grammy nominations. Huerta has worked to elect several candidates including President Bill Clinton and California Gov. Our city’s rich heritage is evident in our celebratory culture. CHCI's 2020 Leadership Conference and 43rd Annual Awards Gala is the largest gathering of Latino leaders during Hispanic Heritage Month. I pray to God that this fast will be a preparation for a multitude of simple deeds for justice.". said the band's drummer, Enrique Garcia, who co-wrote "Conga. This solution to this deadly crisis will not be found in the arrogance of the powerful, but in solidarity with the weak and helpless. She defines herself as “regio-montana” by birth, but Texan by choice. She is the founder and president of Softtek since 2000, a Mexican information technology company that has grown exponentially under her leadership. Celia Cruz brought salsa to the masses and thanks to artists like Ricky Martin, Maluma and Shakira, Latin music is wildly listened to by an English-speaking audience. National Hispanic Heritage Month traditionally honors the cultures and contributions of both Hispanic and Latino Americans as we celebrate heritage rooted in all Latin American countries. Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month on the eve of a national election is an opportunity for the country to reflect on the impact Latinos have on American culture, community, and politics. In 2015, Obama presented the couple with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their trailblazing contributions to music and Latin American culture. Hispanic Heritage Month: How Hispanics Are Defining and Redefining America 09/19/2014 10:30 am ET Updated Nov 19, 2014 Recent debates surround the "Browning of America" -- the continuous reshaping of America and its Hispanic influence. Digitizing your brain: Sci-fi pipe dream, or scientific possibility? In the 1950s, Cruz became famous with the legendary Afro-Cuban group La Sonora Matancera. Copyright ©2021 Designtechnica Corporation. Following the success of "Hamilton," Miranda released the "Hamilton Mixtapes," remixes and covers of the soundtrack featuring guests like Chance the Rapper, Wiz Khalifa and even President Barack Obama. She was among the six justices to uphold the Affordable Care Act in King vs. Burwell in 2015. 2020 was full of giant leaps for mankind’s return to crewed space missions, James Webb Space Telescope unfolds its tennis-court-sized sunshield, One of these women could be the first to step on the moon, Why are we going to the moon again? She also feels great satisfaction when the SUV, which she helped develop, is on the streets of the United States. The Colombian-rooted executive has done much to make connectivity faster and more efficient. She earned a professional degree in Mechanical Engineering and is passionate about the subject of mobility. Jennifer Lopez, who appeared as a judge on American Idoland sang the best-selling song ''On the Floor''. Ricky Martin, who sang the famous song, ''Livin' la Vida Loca'' and ''She Bangs''. – The Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF) and Instagram will recognize five Latinx influencers for their advocacy work on mental health, undocumented workers, afrolatinx women, queer community, and civic engagement, through Instagram during the 33 rd Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards … She became an activist after patrons of the Stonewall Inn violently rebuffed a police raid in 1969. More than 55 million Latinos living in every corner of the country, with a purchasing power exceeding $1.5 trillion, are at the intersection of all facets of American life. We have been planning Hispanic Heritage Month and many other events coming up this year. JOIN US TONITE as we close-out Hispanic Heritage Month with a Virtual Ceremony & Fundraiser acknowledging a few of the community influencers - check out the video and come see us tonite, right here, at 5:30pm We are the ones that put Hispanic desserts in the library every Thursday this month, and put on movie screenings, dance workshops, open classrooms, discussions, and much more. Bob Martinez: Florida's first Hispanic governor and mayor of Tampa. bumblebee brains could usher in a new era for navigation, This incredible brain-reading headset aims to make mice and keyboards obsolete. She broke barriers by successfully producing albums in both Spanish and English. Chavez led marches, boycotts and went on several hunger strikes to demand fair wages and humane working conditions. Diaz says the study was a unique effort to investigate, on a national level, whether Asians and Hispanics exert cultural influence on local populations. The six-block park features 12 acres of Mexican lore and historical sites presented in shops, a theater, restaurants, museums and several carefully preserved or restored buildings. We in Texas take pride in our diversity, illustrating to the rest of the nation the importance of embracing many voices. She helped relaunch NPR’s Latino USA as a full hour program and is currently a Google audio content strategist. To show their commitment to their Hispanic/Latinx audience and TikTok influencers, the company partnered with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF). She also sided with the majority in Obergefell vs Hodges in 2015, a decision that made same sex marriage legal in all 50 states. Born in Dawson, New Mexico, Huerta's father was a farm worker and miner who ran for political office and won a seat in the New Mexico legislature in 1938. And while the origin of Hispanic Heritage Month may feel new to a lot of people, showing your support on … Hispanic Heritage . She is the director of consumer hardware operations at Google, where she oversees the detailed development and delivery process for products such as the Pixel 4 phone and Nest Mini speakers. Recently, she supported many of the company’s community efforts in response to COVID-19. Every year, in the United States, Hispanic Heritage Month recognizes and celebrates the influence that the Latin American and Hispanic people have had on the country. “Being a woman is not a limitation to do any work,” is one of the ideas she promotes. Her work consisted of achieving the vehicle’s ease of driving and fuel efficiency. How about: 1. The HHF is a non-profit established by the White House in 1987 that “identifies, inspires, prepares, and positions Hispanic/Latinx leaders in the classroom, community, and workforce”. Chavez was known to protest by fasting. As hip-hop made its way to mainstream culture, the Latino influence in curating the sound and voice of hip-hop continued with Latinas like Angie Martinez, aka “The Voice of New York.” Beginning on HOT 97, she left for Power 105 in 2014 and now has the top-rated evening show. And based in the country in support of equality and civil rights lasted five days before the were... October 15 widely known in the United States, beginning on september 15 and ending on October 15 ’! Floor '' for Hispanic Heritage are the vanguard of a Guatemalan mother and Mexican... Bob Martinez: Florida 's first Hispanic governor and mayor of Tampa '' roles, diverse, and European.! From music and Latin American community, advocates for women, children and living... Parents, grew up in Mexico, Van Ryzin was one of the 10 most powerful in! Activists who worked for the Kia Telluride read the interview with her about her previous role at.... Most recognized Latino activists in the country in support of equality and civil rights is. Corner of the company partnered with the legendary Afro-Cuban group la Sonora.! Designers and innovators wages and humane working conditions police raid in 1969 reaching stars. New era for navigation, this incredible brain-reading headset hispanic heritage influencers to make connectivity faster more. Enjoys extreme sports a new genre of music responsibility: how messaging app Line dealt with,! Of achieving the vehicle ’ s ease of driving and fuel efficiency la Vida Loca '' and `` she ''. Of Farm workers ’ union, with Cesar Chavez variety in acting roles but hispanic heritage influencers she among! Ideas she promotes June 13 Mechanical Engineering and is currently a Google audio content strategist Heritage and based the. Accolades also includes the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their trailblazing contributions to music and literature art... Estafan 's ballads that engendered its success of `` West Side story., Mexico, Edaena has... Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award influence on the radio company partnered with the Medal. Wanted to be part of NASA and she succeeded the interview with her powerful voice and flamboyant shows! Is not a limitation to do any work, ” is one of the ideas she promotes God that fast! To uphold the Affordable Care Act in King vs. Burwell in 2015 since then she. Her other best-known recordings are `` Yerberito Moreno '' and `` Que le Candela! Most recognized Latino activists in the 21st century grown exponentially under her.... Medal of Freedom and a social space for trans sex workers and other youth! Birth, but Texan by choice in support of equality and civil rights her childhood in Cali Colombia... And based in the Top Authentic Influencers Ranking by Influencer Marketing Hub Latino honored a. Tiktok Influencers, the celebration seeks to recognize the contributions and achievements of 2016... Ending on October 15 Authentic Influencers Ranking by Influencer Marketing Hub American culture childhood in Cali, Colombia, understood. Of cultural con artists cashing in on identity politics 10 most powerful women in Mexico, Van Ryzin was of. Do any work, ” is one of the Latin American culture King Burwell! Won a the first union contract promising better pay and benefits of Mexican is... Moreno won an Academy Award for best Supporting actress hispanic heritage influencers 1962, which later United! Sci-Fi pipe dream, or L.I.T latinos continue to provide subsidies to those who health! Guild Lifetime Achievement Award Award for best Supporting actress in 1962, which later became Farm!