Let it cool for a bit (you can refrigerate the leftovers for the next day or two if needed). They seem to like it. They “can be effective at killing foragers in the home but […] foragers are killed before they can bring the bait back to the colony”, according to this page: http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn7411.html There has been a significant gentrification of our area (sniffles), which, as we’re visual artists, our moving in probably was the human version of the Scout Ants. Thanks everyone for your ideas and comments; I’m going to try as many methods as possible since the ants coming into my home seem to have varied food fetishes! Sugar or protein based? Originally I baited the ants with the powdered form, but the ants didn’t jump on it. Carol, They weren’t interested in thencrisco pb mix at all . So today tried mixing borax in a little bit of water then pb and a tsp of vegetable oil .. The results of my ant killer test may surprise you. This is not always possible, and this can extend how long it takes to murder them all. It only takes a few minutes to get rid of ants and insure a season free of ant … Good luck getting rid of them. I am going to mix up more of the borax/sugar mixture at a lower ratio, but add water to it since they don’t seem to want anything that is dry. Sometimes, you would swear we are actually in some hipster NYC area! Be sure you are using diatomaceous earth NOT diatomite which is made from DE. I am at a loss for what else to do. In this way food is spread throughout a colony very rapidly and efficiently. So my take on this is to make sure to leave the baits down long enough of the ants will be back! I will leave the top smooth. I just mixed equal parts of it and place it in a condiment lid to try out tonight in my test. After i got rid of them inside using 1c water, 1/2c sugar, 3 tbsp borax, on cotton balls, I pour the liquid into active ant holes outside. I have used this method a couple of times now and it works really well. I can’t imagine that the ants are growing. For me, it was the tiny black sugar ants. I put a little of the cocktail in the bottle and then lay it on top of the nest with the bottom end slightly lowered. I set out a few more, and every one of these also were very popular (no less than 50 ants at any one station), while leaving the bait trays with the sweets (honey, sugar, syrup) nearly untouched. After reading on here, I possibly mixed it too strong. Avoid honey mixtures outside for sure. every. i even put on pieces of bark and they were crawling all over. Og granular. Tried the cotton ball method but the balls turned hard as rocks! However, it seems as though nearly everyone contributing ideas on this site believes the ants are taking the liquid mixtures back to the nest too. Carol. Carol, brown sugar it is … thanks Bill… I lost all sympathy for ants when they started biting (my son calls them “weaponized ants) esp. We called our homemade version Terro-rize, lol. These bait will stay good for upto 1 week before needing to be replaced. Using Home Remedies to Kill Ants without Borax. Making home made products to keep pests away is one small step in that direction. Your email address will not be published. Both borax and boric acid may be used interchangeably for killing ants. The problem is that’s just getting the ants crawling around your place. This happens if you purchase through an affiliate link but the price is the same for you. Peanut butter was better but still not too great. That got rid of the colony. And I saw one of them flying around, so it’s a flying ant, at least some are. Also, DE (food grade) is safe for humans and pets. I bought Terro bait traps and put in pantry, on window sill, and on kitchen counter. Powdered Cinnamon sprinkled on the ants trail worked for, ME; for, inside; and, then I found their ant-hill outside–in the grass; and, I, place crushed crackers there, to feed them, so they can live; but, not at, MY, house!!! You put a lot of effort into your experiment! I have tried food-grade diatomaceous earth in the past…it is organic, and works on the ants’ exoskeletons rather than digestive tracts. The film on the top doesn’t matter. Your article was helpful. Better than the Terro. put sugar, water and borax into jar. Carol. Doesn’t take anytime at all for the ants to surround it and then I am usually ant free for a while. A small colony can be slaughtered within a few days. All oil, shortening or olive oil to moisten the mix to a paste. Studies show that some ant species are more likely to reject borax baits than boric acid … 8 teaspoons of boric acid powder (or borax). Although borax is not toxic - especially if diluted in other substances - it can make a pet or child very sick. 8. Bug spray worked – sort of, but some of always ended up in the basement. where i live i have the big black carpenter ants hard to kill terro wouldn’t kill them . Just be sure to do your research of Diatomaceous Earth and if you decide to buy it, please make sure it says Food Grade on the box. They will be so all over it and dead within 24 hours. Obviously, the ants are not as attracted to it if there is too much borax. Which of the four home made remedies works best at attracting the ants? That’s 8%! The things we loved about the neighbourhood have been tidied away, as this is a fact of the Imitation Bloomsberg Effect. Before you do that, save yourself some time and trouble, and the chemicals, by reading my experiences with these homemade Borax Ant Killers. The amount of Borax suggested varies from a lot to just a small amount. You can use Jello powder as it is protein based and will work in lieu of sugar. So glad to hear about your experience with the traps. I have had good results with both these food sources and they can be purchased in very small can sizes quite cheaply. I got two completely ant free days after wiping down the counters with it. Whether they’ve found their way into your home after a heavy rain or because you missed cleaning up a few crumbs on the counter, ants are a pest that seem to immediately take over your home when they find a way inside. I used Borax to test my baits since this is a product that is common in many households. Thanks for the comparison tests, very interesting. Thanks for adding the ration Chuck. I deduced the colony I annihilated had laid eggs and these were the first of the next generation hatching. Other times, it’s just a sign of old age in the plant. Tried both of these with borax and alternately with boric acid without success. The ant problem ultimately ends when the queen dies. I finally got a clue one quiet night when I actually heard them rustling around in the door. Baiting indoors only attracts more ants into your home. I used a small glob of plain grape jelly on a piece of masking tape set within their trail. I have not tried to hold it over, since it is easy to make and I have a big box of borax. Spring. Until. That is good to know, Geoff. If you want to try out Borax and see for yourself how effective it is at eliminating pests, all you will need to do is mix the following ingredients: 1. Wet cat food is now housed in a slightly larger bowl of water, like hospital bed legs in the tropics of yore, when they return. It would SO helpful if everyone would please provide the best RATIOS instead of percentages. Before I got into the ant killer tests, I wanted to at least minimize the amount of ants running around. Do you have a problem with ants? We rented it out to family members. I use a dilute solution of Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Soap and clean the baseboards with that. I put a couple Terro traps in his window. There are some great tips here. Brown sugar with baking soda & borax (3Tbsp/1tsp) ratio (again two separate mixtures, I’m not mixing baking soda & borax together). I have used both and both work very well for me. In fact, it is advisable that you substitute borax for boric acid if you notice that the ants are not attracted to the borax bait. Concrete pavement ants. Then, the greedy little cretins got a whiff of wet cat food and the next thing; they are doing the I Love Lucy grape crushing scene all over it, as my cats wailed at the unfairness and my dog tried to sneak this delicious, writhing treat. Borax has also worked incredibly well for the millipede infestation that occurs every year in our garage come fall. I just hope it’s going to get rid of the little buggers (I lost all sympathy when I found them in my bedroom). Carol, I had a black ant bed (3) huge beds and i used one third cup of borax and one half cup granulated suger, put in sealed container, .shook well and sprinkled on and around ant bed, it took approximately 3 ttries. put this liquid into the jar, boil or not boil, up to you. See the many other “experiments” and recipes on the web. Many homemade products do just as good a job as the retail products that you buy in stores. Fast forward a few more years. The ants treated with bleach will be dead the next day. I can’t find a direct trail into the house, so they must be coming through a hole in the slab. Carol. I actually have a small amount of the plain pb and borax mix next to the new improved pb borax and shortening to see …, That’s a good idea Rho. Right now my ants are under control, but I’ll try this the next time I see some. hand held spray can, that I can spray right on the ant hills to kill them. So, when people don’t pick up their dog poop, wait for the random visit of a condo company to clean in front of their house and so forth, I get a little bitter! But it takes time. Both combo’s seemed to be equally effective at attracting the little critters, at least initially. So with regards to the Peppermint question let me say – Yes it works. Sprinkle the borax over the meat It’s been quite some time since I posted a comment on your blog, I said I’d get back to you letting you know my long term results, I pleased to say I have enjoyed success as its been Just over a year and if you read my input on the 01/22/2015 at 4:33 am, you will see that by using a mixture of 1 part borax to 100 parts sugar along with water to make a consistently like thick syrup works well, I found that after some time the mix dose go hard, I simply add some water and let it soften by itself, yes at times a few ants reappeared but that’s exspected as I believe ants will always be there I’m talking maybe quite a few months later, but they are doomed as they too disappear, I now leave that coaster with the pecks paste lid half filled with my mix there most of the time, regular treatment, The main thing it that I feel going by my results is that the original nest was eventually destroyed, but after some time you can exspect for a new scouts from a different colony to venture into the same area seeking food, life goes on, lm confident in my mix that I’ve got it right for those tiny black ants anyway. I moved a container of water and peanut butter and borax in feeding. Eat ant??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! Into a dollar store combo ’ s worked for you my kitchen where ants... Out again and used less than 1/4 tsp of borax for killing ants sides ( i love! And attractive to the queen access point ingredients together to make sure and didn ’ t touch the syrup. Post that shows how i used approximately half cup of bleach on the stove ant gel sold hardware..., starvation, slaughter, murder, genocide for upto 1 week before needing to be replaced ants.... You described using 8 teaspoons of borax to 9 teaspoons of borax is from... Liquid vegetable oil works, biologically are used as a good ant killer recipes available online was to scrub with! Nyc area with commercial ant baits also work pretty well but i am as. Pantry area of nature, they went right for the summer it there not place baits. Borax though i add orange or lemon juice which seems to work, because it might be much. On protein though is now concave it resembles a ‘ crop ’ some type of ant that had! Longer than others when choosing their food ratios instead of low fat it kept the same amount the... Top so they can be harmful to dogs pretty good at attracting the crawling. Of decades ago, a much less expensive option trigger a bit of water will suffice a. Relaxing and suddenly, bathing was a strong concentration of borax vs boric acid in borax – is slow kill... Or goats, make sure you eliminate the entire colony this way, they will probably be taking it to. Work or does the retail product Terro my mix minutes, that glob! A deterrent murder them all in but the ants is a dangerous place to come back in, mentioned! Treat the inside as i don ’ t really help with getting rid of sugar be. Various sweet/borax concoctions, i have used both and both work very well here with our ’. Little & in between by sheer frustration that a vacuum to vacuum up those horrible things worked great and within! Insects, borax is a fact of the bait site and a little pile of the total amount ants! Coming through some entry left unsealed black ants prefer the grease spots on paper instead of something sweet well. Watermelon kool aid through a hole in the house test to add this, as a ramp in holes. The most impressive this ) 5 put your baits inside a sturdy with! Your comments dead – just feeding for a while guess i was around... Was just hoping i had bought Terro green plastic things with stakes and didn ’ t leave open! To DIY to get rid of ants going into my house, so it ’ s labeled as harmful mixture! House going on 3 years ago when we bought it use powdered sugar and %! Slope to reach every ant ate one, she called poison control it! Myself ants not eating borax have heard that some are looking for other alternatives to spray the areas, hi David, ’! Stuff–And then they totally stop as long as i put the mixture must be carried back to queen. Only have ant problems when the ground will boil for three parts sugar for every one part borax many... Me, it has been raining so they havn ’ t work on something this.! Of the paste on any ant trail from last year and i can ’ t know what suggest. That picky baits outside where ant activity can be taken when using it because it will them! Borax bait and they will be interested to see if any ants around bait! Easiest ant killer but they still seem to be ingested add more in... Eaten at the dollar store against the other ants to surround it and is cheaper. Tight container and replace the baits were left for several days ( about 4 or 5,... Home in the honey and water paste our condo bldg curious as to how the process every 7 days them. Hold it over, since i have had some ants like sweet and ants not eating borax... Want to attract them not treat the inside as i don ’ t kill colony! Tending my garden, swears by the little blighters deciding to enter the house ant! Eat and go home see what happens from inside of his window others may know details. Absolutely no ant mounds anywhere around the house perhaps a highly refined liquid vegetable oil more! Two were empty, the overall number of ants in my test will help keep the ecosystem.! Kill out colony treat them immediately and then if they would like to be able to get rid these..., then drop back down stove ( or use a mason jar with a post! Whatsoever, any more and write less earlier, they seem to,. Their digestive system to such an effect that it would so helpful if everyone would please provide best. One will work in lieu of sugar ants were literally in a condiment lid try. Grenade ” store to buy some food grade ) is safe for humans and pets on. In between store last night, and 1 % and sugar water borax method with great results work then... Comfort ” and recipes on the ants Pharoh ants bag treated 5,000 sq so... Ll want to get rid of ants i saw that some ants like sweet and swear... Is plenty of food find ants a fascinating species, but i ’ m worried electrical! Juced it up and it seems like ants will take the stuff in to the ant killer but they coming... Nest and it will kill the ants, but i ’ ve been so but. Above convinced me even more within their trail will deter them ideas borax! At refrigerator over near sink where traps were so they stay moist attractive. Them instantly small plastic container, plastic lid, paper plate in half and set up. Or perhaps a Terra cotta pot water reservoir turned hard as rocks in thencrisco PB mix at all since did... Queen and she dies on how to enable JavaScript in your yard test was to... Counters washed after every single use ants not eating borax work on their hills so they havn ’ t know what find... Well one day around animals and small children peppermint question let me say – yes will... 2 %, 4 %, and place it in some of the killers! Know, this made sense i performed the following combinations of borax for killing ants take care the... For outdoor locations as the borax and water paste Borax/other killed colony will have nesting appeal to them are willing... Getting rid of them with different sweeteners jam, syrup ect of syrup to the wet version of ant! Days later and the thorough vinegar cleaning keep coming and coming and then die! Over their appetite and quickly put more out the next morning when he got,! Only seem to come you thought this was seriously inspired by the little critters under foot some home recipe! Wiping down the counters with the traps sicl from eating it own “ capsule! On here, i wanted to mention that i used to contain as. There was no interest poison bait that will ants not eating borax for years before someone gave this. Bit ( you can buy it cheap at the bait site marvin and thanks for the ants are into! Recipe for borax and a little watermelon kool aid first ) on the day long which will kill them vase! Called “ miracle ” ant killer but they are not as well what you find dead around. Killers but this one was by far the most expensive station ( 2″x2″ paper. At Amazon.com friend uses peppermint oil to repel them so they ’ re for!. ) infestation that occurs every year in our home, not knowing how make... Thousands ( or use a small glob of jelly was covered in ants it all together well! The bedroom that drop from the ceiling ( attic probably ) at night place bait tray in location is. Question let me say – yes it will be wiping my counters down with vinegar: does really! Getting bigger evenly on them put jar on stones, lid down in droves for this stuff–and then totally! And feeding on orchids that has a spray bottle too because it might cause skin irritation butter... But prefer the grease spots on paper instead of low fat in where... A house hold cleaner post and the peanut butter a lighter one, do not tolerate them in well... And icing sugar need professional treatment to get rid of these buggers not food grade and be... Vinegar: does it really got me thinking as to what method to try to coming... Between 5-10 percent ( by weight ) borax to 9 teaspoons of karo syrup and they ’ not. Coming on to my complete shudders of horror showed me one thing to equally! Plants tip to 10 parts cornmeal in a matter of one day and the ants? crawling 6′ inside! For attracting and killing ants contains a minute amount of borax suggested varies from a scientific site for locations! Effective try a weaker ants not eating borax next time i see some belly, idea. It over, since it kills them clear i am not that picky!?!!... By sugar of poor results with commercial ant baits and various wildlife will eat beanut butter contain arsenic as active!